Saving Lives Through Your Support

Environment and transport.

Our sustainable development.

Our green vision.

At ilke Homes we are at the cutting edge of innovation and we aim to deliver homes with sustainability at their forefront.

The materials we use for our homes are chosen carefully, and we insist on high-quality design.

The green technology we employ includes air source heat pumps along with electric vehicle charging points.

Our commitment is to build homes that exceed minimum environmental standards, and enhanced building fabric enables us to go further than building regulation standards.

Focusing on our cutting-edge homes, with their ilke ZERO plans, all ilke homes will be zero carbon, with zero energy bills, at zero additional cost by 2030.

Life cycle carbon emissions are also up to 12% lower than a traditionally built home.

We are also keen to promote sustainable transport, and our development will have cycleways connecting to existing routes. We will also provide footpaths as part of our green infrastructure.

Our landscaping strategy will complement and connect with adjacent public open green spaces, and we will deliver biodiversity improvements.

We will also provide sustainable drainage systems to ensure there is no increase in demand on the existing sewer network.

In conclusion, we will use innovative design, promote green transport, utilise sustainable technology, improve biodiversity, and ensure we deliver a high-quality scheme with leading environmental credentials.

Examples of the trees and shrubs that would be planted.

Environmental benefits.

  • Cutting-edge sustainable housing
  • Innovative design and materials
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Electric vehicle charging points
  • New footpaths
  • Cycleways linking to existing routes
  • Biodiversity improvements
  • Links to green spaces
  • Sustainable drainage

Sustainability and efficiency.

Sustainability and efficiency measures will form a vital part of our proposals.

Getting from A to B.

We will be providing for all forms of travel in our vision. On site parking will be included, along with electric vehicle charging points for every property.

To further promote green transport, we will be making infrastructure improvements, including connections to the existing road and cycle networks, and footpath provision.

Our aim is to ensure that residents have a range of choices in terms how they wish to make their journeys and live sustainably.


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