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About us.

At the forefront of innovation.

About ilke Homes.

ilke Homes is firmly at the forefront of British innovation in the house building sector.

With the backing of expertise from automotive, aerospace, and consumer leaders, ilke is pioneering the future of housing in the UK. Bringing the world’s best manufacturing practices to residential construction, ilke Homes use advanced, offsite, modular building methods to create beautiful and sustainable new homes that are built to last.

Since its foundation in November 2017, ilke Homes has worked with a range of developers, local councils, and registered providers to deliver much-needed new housing. Built at top speed and to a quality that’s unlike any other, our sustainable homes are designed to reflect and enhance local vernacular.

For local authorities, ilke Homes’ modular approach to construction offers an opportunity to deliver the high-quality homes they need without the delays associated with traditional building. 

How we manufacture our homes.

ilke Homes uses intelligent, offsite engineering to create innovative and sustainable steel-framed homes; this fresh approach means consistently high standards of finish throughout.

Our precision engineered homes are fabricated along a highly automated production line in a factory in Knaresborough; completed factory-finished modules are then delivered to the site where they are craned into place and installed.

This volumetric method not only allows ilke to produce better quality houses in less than half the time of traditional building, but the substantially reduced
construction time also results in significantly less  disruption for the local community.

Take a tour of our factory.

Look inside one of our semi-detached homes.


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